\\What kind of music do you play in the Virgin Islands?

While we have our local version of Calypso, we typically enjoy most the year's popular International Carnival Soca hits.

\\Is it safe?

Like anywhere else, there is some degree of caution that has to be taken when partying with large groups of people but for the most part, the safety of Carnival patrons is the local government's top priority. 


\\How do I get in contact with parade/jouvert troupes?

Visit our parade and jouvert pages and click on the different options to decide on a troupe that fits you.



\\I can't make it for the month. What do you suggest?

If you don't live on island and plan to come down for Carnival, we suggest arriving on the Tuesday or Wednesday of the last week of Carnival. If you can stay through Monday, you would have completed your Carnival Mas experience.


\\I would like to be added to your page. How can we get in contact with you?

Please shoot us an email to fortheloveofcarnival@gmail.com with your information and we will have it added.



\\Are you affiliated or promoting carnival troupes, hotels or other vendors?

No! We just want you to come down and play mas with us so we're sharing the love. 



\\Some information or dates are missing on your site.

We are working with updates as we receive them but if there's something you believe we should list on this page, please let us know!