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3 Must-Haves for the Curvy Carnival Feter’s Closet

Updated: Mar 27

A little about me

Carnival gave me a voice after tramping for the first time in 2018. I’ve always loved to dance as long as I’ve known myself - put me in a party in any setting and I will get down with whatever music is playing. Dancing fills my soul and music can breathe life into any room

I’ve been in the world of Carnival feteing for just a few years now. I’m considered a baby feter compared to my sister who has been going strong for twenty plus years in the carnival scene. As a curvy feter, I’ve always struggled with the lack of wardrobe options for jouvert and parade day. Even with the fete experience gap, my sister (also a curvy feter herself) and I agree on  fundamental items that a curvy feter should have to maximize their carnival experience. 

While you’re feteing, the last thing on your mind should be whether the outfit for your troupe is going to work for your body. Upon costume release day, we see these beautiful costumes and begin to painstakingly look for the one that would fit us best. But it still happens…it’s two days before the event and SOMETHING DOES NOT FIT, FEEL or LOOK RIGHT. So you’re stuck and you still have to go up the road because a costume that doesn’t fit well enough won’t stop your fete. After years of bad experiences, I’ve come up a few must have curvy feter items that will help you party with confidence. 

Bandeau Bra

Most times when the costume top does not work for you, its a simply fix. A bandeau bra saves you so much time and energy with suit cuts that show too much side-boob.  They come in many different styles and colors and work will with anything you put it under. These can be found on Amazon for as little as $10.99.


Your feet will thank you for using the right shoes. Carnival is traditionally one month in most places; yet the last week of carnival is when most of the activities happen. Parade is a 6-9 hours tramp and jouvert is typically from 4am to 10am and for those of us that continue after jouvert straight to a wet fete (that ends at 2 pm), that's TEN hours of partying. Shoes with an incline will help to prevent strain on your feet and if you prefer flats don’t forget your insoles, it’s a must!  They retail for an average of $29.99. 

Shape wear

Curvy girl or not, we have all looked at a photo of ourselves and cringed at an ill-fitted outfit. But no fear, you can tighten it up because Shapewear is here. Out are the ribbed corsets and in are magical elastic wear that follow your natural curve. No matter what area you want to tone, there is a style of Shapewear that will do the trick.  Body Shapers range from $10.99 on the low end and $82.99 on the high end.  Get out there Curvy Girl and get your fete on! 

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